Why host with us?

Why host with YallaSa7el?

To make more money while enjoying the peace of mind! And here are some more reasons:

  • More guests: YallaSa7el is being well-known within Egypt that attracts thousands of travellers to its site every day. So you can be sure we’ll send lots of guests your way, ending up with greater occupancy rate for your property.
  • More control: You are in full control of who stays at your place. You are the one who freely decides whether to accept or decline a booking request.
  • Flexible owner use: At YallaSa7el, we realize the reason you purchased a vacation home was so that you could enjoy it. For this reason we don’t impose limits on when you, family and friends can vacation in your own home or let it available to be booked. To ensure this doesn’t create any conflict, block out the dates you think of before you list your place. You can at any time unblock those days or part of it if plans changed and continue making money.
  • Less hassle: YallaSa7el make sure the renting process is hassle free. You will no longer receive non-serious phone call inquiries or calls asking about your property while it is rented out or unavailable, only guests with confirmed booking will have your contacts. So you can be sure no time wasters will be contacting you.
  • Easy setup & more functionality: You can list your place in just a few minutes with few clicks. Some pictures, a nice description, your amenities, your address, a competitive price and you are done. 
  • Secure Payments: We offer completely secure, online payment. Every booking is paid for online as soon as the booking is confirmed from your side. Then automatically transferred to your bank account 24 hours after the guest check-in.  
  • Confidentiality: No one other than the guests you have confirmed has access to your full name or your contact details. Only your profile name and the general location of your place on the map will be visible on the website. So you are confident that your details are safe.
  • Different cancellation policies: You can choose from different standardized cancellation policies available that enforce to protect both guests and hosts alike. Each listing and reservation on our site will clearly state the cancellation policy. 
  • More advertising: We’re always working on building the YallaSa7el brand, and promoting it by many ways which in turns helps your property’s spread widely.
  • Scalable pricing: Your property price per night isn’t fixed the whole year at YallaSa7el. You can easily set different prices for weekends, public holidays, off-season or any days you pick. You can also set discounts for weekly or monthly bookings if you wish.
  • More Guarantees: You are free to ask for a security deposit to be paid with the booking and kept with YallaSa7el, as a guarantee in case of any damages that may occur to your property.  
  • More tips: We help you get more bookings with helpful posts and tips. 
  • Customer support: We work hard on offering the best customer service you’ll find anywhere. Our friendly customer service team can answer your questions or queries in English and Arabic and are available around the clock.

If you been renting your home in the past, we promise you will make more money with us

More Money, with less hassle.