About YallaSa7el

YallaSa7el is the leading online platform for vacation rentals in Egypt

About Us:

YallaSa7el was founded in 2015 and based in Cairo, Egypt.

What we do?

We have made it our top priority at YallaSa7el to make the vacation rental within Egypt a simple, stress-free experience for both guests and landlords. The vacation rental market was fundamentally broken, so we brought it online to make it delightful for both guests and landlords. 

A vacation is a precious opportunity to relax, recharge and reconnect with your loved ones and we’re here to help families and friends find their perfect vacation rental. Whether you’re looking for a private room or a luxurious villa, YallaSa7el is here to serve you.

Our commitment and customer-centricity allows us to better understand and provide for our customers’ diverse needs and wants, and deliver consistently.

Our mission:

If you mind is at peace, you’re happy. That’s why our mission is to give you a relaxing experience, by making the booking process as easy as pie for guests and give homeowners the tools to easily boost their earnings through a trusted platform.

Our Values:

1-      Superiority: We strive for superiority in whatever we do and continuously work on providing higher quality services to our customers.

2-      Accountability: We respect and are totally responsible for the commitments we make with our users.

3-      Innovation: Because we’re never satisfied and always strive for the best, we’re continuously working on improving our business, the quality of our services and the technologies we’re using.

4-      Team Work: We care about our team and the environment they work in, we work on providing an environment that allows them to upgrade their skills and use their abilities to achieve YallaSa7el’s goals.

5-      Customer Centricity: Our customers are our main focus, we’re always willing to make them happy and exceed their expectations regarding the services we provide.

6-      Respect: We totally respect everyone we deal or communicate with and consider any feedback we receive.


1-      We promise to be fair and clear to our users.

2-      We promise to build a loyal relationship that is based on trust and mutual respect.

3-      We promise to approach each situation with passion and purpose.

4-      We promise to respond to all your complaints and to take your feedback into consideration.

5-      We promise to provide all the help we can to make sure our users receive the best services.

What we expect from our valuable owners and guests:

1-      We expect you accept and respect our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

2-      We expect you to be honest in the information you provide about yourself and your property.

3-      We expect a fair and gentle treatment between users.

4-      We expect users to communicate only for the purpose of the platform.

5-      We expect users to respect each other’s time and effort.

6-      We expect users to not share any users’ information outside YallaSa7el’s platform.

Customer reviews

We believe everyone deserves to make smart decisions based on unbiased feedback therefore; your feedback is highly appreciated and will help our customers in choosing the house they’ll rent as well as help us in providing a better service for you. You can write a brief comment or fill out a simple questionnaire with special information needed to assess the service you were given.

If you have a question about YallaSa7el or any of our vacation houses, Contact us today, or visit our FAQ page for more information!