How It Works

How It Works

For Guests

Find and book unique, affordable vacation rentals in Egypt.

1. Search for a place

Find your perfect place to stay from hundreds of properties across Egypt’s coasts. Whether you want to splurge on a luxurious seafront villa or looking for one bedroom chalet, we'll help you find the right place.
  • Type your destination into the search bar and select your travel dates to search.
  • Use our search filters to find free WiFi, balconies, sea views, or whatever your heart desires.
  • Click on properties to see more details and to read reviews of the property.

2. Book

  • Once you find the perfect vacation property, you can easily book and pay securely online or contact the owner for questions.
  • You need to follow the steps after clinking "Book" to confirm the request.

3. Recieve confirmation

  • A host has 48 hours to accept a booking request or the request will expire.
  • You receive a confirmation email once it's accepted. While in Instant Booking, confirmation is immediate. 
  • Your payment is taken on confirmation through our secure online payment system, but YallaSa7el only transfers the money to the host 24 hours after you check in and settle comfortably. Enjoy your vacation
  • Once your booking is confirmed, You’ll receive the contact details of the host so that you can send them your estimated arrival time and arrange a time and place to meet so you can pick up the keys and perhaps some local tips and house guidance. 

5. Leave a review

  • After your stay, it’s important to leave a review of your accommodation experience. Your feedback is valuable and helps future guests gain an insight into what the property is like. You can do this by filling out our simple questionnaire and writing a comment.

With Yalla Sa7el, you’ll find home comforts; enjoy peace of mind and the support of our customer service team. Search 

For Hosts

Make money of your vacational property the time you are not using it.

1. List your place

  • Add your place to Yalla Sa7el in just a few minutes. Some pictures, a nice description, your address,avilability,  house rules, a competitive price and it’s done.

2. Accept bookings

  • Once your listing is published, you'll start receiving booking requests as emails or text messages, which you need to reply to within 24 hours. If You have instant booking activated, then guests can book with you immediately. Use YallaSa7el messaging system to reply to questions, know your guests and arrange the key handover.

3. Get ready

  • Before your guest arrives, make sure your place is clean and tidy, and you’ve provided your guest with clean towels and bedding. Meet your guests to hand over the keys, show them around and explain the house rules - a few tips about the neighbourhood are also useful. Also remember, little welcome treats can go a long way!

4. Earn (securely)

  • YallaSa7el automatically transfers your payment to your bank account one day after your guest checks in successfully. YallaSa7el take care of all the transactions online, so you don’t need to worry about anything.

5. Leave a review

  • Reviews are an important part of YallaSa7el community as it ensure that our platform is built on trust. Reviews keep guests accountable for treating hosts and their homes with respect. Leaving a review of your guests means they are more likely to review you in return as well. Happy guests leave positive reviews, which means other guests are more likely to book your place in future! 

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